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  • Nanny Boutique offers nannies a unique opportunity to be hired by some of the most caring, loving and trusting families in the city of Chicago.
  • As difficult as it is to find a family who truly values quality childcare, Nanny Boutique believes it only provides placements in the highest quality homes. Furthermore, Nanny Boutique DOES NOT employ or charge nannies for placing them with a family.
  • Nanny Boutique would like to know your requirements. Complete the online registration form or give us a call at 773.706.9100. This initial information will indicate the type of position you wish to find, the hours and compensation you expect and any other unique preferences.


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Visit our reading room for suggested readings for both parents and nannies.

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Looking for activities to entertain kids of all ages? See our list of community or home- based activities.

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